Parameter Rio-Haghen, parameters changed for 1 cylinder, changed source here cl-stirling-engine, tag GM4L23comment
frequency50Hz = 1500RPM
THeater1033K = 1400F = 760C
Total dead volume.cm3 628634Ok
Min cold space 238238Ok
Max cold space 554555Ok
Min hot space 266280Hot cap gap is treated differently
Max hot space 643658Hot cap gap is treated differently
Regen dead volume 115115Ok
Windage loss, Heater 74203This is bad, turbulent flow formulas must match
Windage loss, Regen 1031273I don't know the reason
Windage loss, Cooler 476241This is bad, turbulent flow formulas must match
Pumping loss 5590Not calculated in cl-stirling-engine
Shuttle loss 581723Different formulas and different geometry
Average pressure 17.917.9Initial pressure in cl-stirling-engine was changed to fit.
Min pressure 13.012.2May be caused by different definition of average.
MaxPressure 23.923.5May be caused by non-isothermal character of heat exchangers or different volume laws
Conduction loss 24201640Ad hoc vs formula, let it be ok as difference is 800W of heat only.
Power,kW 41.843.9mismatch <10% . Real engine test gives 29.8kW (value for 1400,1500,2600) that is, 68% of cl-stirling-engine value
Efficiency 54.4%40.4%significant mismatch. Real engine test yields 31.2% brake efficiency, that is, 77% of cl-stirling-engine value